Sadguru Sree Abhedananda Swamiji was born on 8th April, 1909 at ‘Kodivilakom’ House, at Pararassala in Neyyattinkara Taluk in Thiruvananthapurma District. The star on that day was ‘Visakham’. His name was Velayudhan.  From the very childhood, he showed signs of an exhalted soul. Later Velayudhan took his life mission for propagating the “Kaliyugadharma” of constant chanting of God’s name – Akhanda Name Japam – and to install the taste of ‘Nama’ in all people in the community. His “Nama-Sangeerthan” echoed throughout the country during the last century. He had travelled throughout the country on foot and kindled the light of his mission at every nook and corner. During this pursuit Swamiji took rigorous tapas at various holy places at Himalaya, Cape Comorin, Sabarimala etc.,  and studied Vedams, Upanishads and many other high spiritual lessons and practices, and became  a ‘Sanyasi’ in the truest sense of the term.  He could achieve this at an early age of 27. The great Sri. Swaroopananda Swamiji of Rishikesh blessed him with ‘Sanyasa’ and named him rightly as “Abhedananda” realising his Abhedadarsan in each and every thing and person. He believed and preached that all human beings are alike, without any difference and every person has full authority to serve God, to follow and preach spirituality and perform poojas at temples. He preached that “Namasankeerthan has the power to impress deeply that Cast, Creed etc., have no bearing on human life, He accepted each and everyone a like with respect and love. To propagate His mission, Swamiji established two Ashramams, one at Trivandrum and the other Arayoor (Neyyattinkara, Near Cape Commorin)…Read more

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