Sadguru Sree Abhedananda Swamiji was born on 8th April, 1909 at ‘Kodivilakom’ House, at Pararassala in Neyyattinkara Taluk in Thiruvananthapurma District. The star on that day was ‘Visakham’. His name was Velayudhan.  From the very childhood, he showed signs of an exhalted soul. Later Velayudhan took his life mission for propagating the “Kaliyugadharma” of constant chanting of God’s name – Akhanda Name Japam – and to install the taste of ‘Nama’ in all people in the community. His “Nama-Sangeerthan” echoed throughout the country during the last century. He had travelled throughout the country on foot and kindled the light of his mission at every nook and corner. During this pursuit Swamiji took rigorous tapas at various holy places at Himalaya, Cape Comorin, Sabarimala etc.,  and studied Vedams, Upanishads and many other high spiritual lessons and practices, and became  a ‘Sanyasi’ in the truest sense of the term.  He could achieve this at an early age of 27. The great Sri. Swaroopananda Swamiji of Rishikesh blessed him with ‘Sanyasa’ and named him rightly as “Abhedananda” realising his Abhedadarsan in each and every thing and person. He believed and preached that all human beings are alike, without any difference and every person has full authority to serve God, to follow and preach spirituality and perform poojas at temples. He preached that “Namasankeerthan has the power to impress deeply that Cast, Creed etc., have no bearing on human life, He accepted each and everyone a like with respect and love. To propagate His mission, Swamiji established two Ashramams, one at Trivandrum and the other Arayoor (Neyyattinkara, Near Cape Commorin)

Another Ashramams at Kanakal (Haridwar near River Ganga was established after Swamiji’s Maha Samadhi, by his devotees as per his earlier directions, Akhanda Nama Japam is being continued in all these centers. Hence these centers are famous as Mahamanthralayas. The Trivandrum and Arayoor Ashramams were established in the memory of Swamiji’s Gurudev Sri. Vidyadhiraja Chattambi Swamigak. Haridwar Ashram was named as Abheda Gangamayi Ashramam.

At Trivandrum Abhedasramam (Very near to Sree Padmanabha Sami Temple) Akhanda Nama Japam started on 24th February 1955, and the Japan is continuing on without any break, day and night throughout, ever since then, The Mahamanthram “Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hara Hare Hare Krishna Hara Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare” being the Mantra of “Kalisantaranopanishad” is being chanted. One devotee holding a Tampuru leads the chanting and the same will be repeated by others. The devotee holding the Tampuru is considered to be Sree Narada. The chanting is done circling a tall “Kedavilakku”. By the Grace of Swamiji the Tampuru has not touched the earth (Floor) for the last 49 yrs. Over and above the clock-round Akhanda Nama Japam, other spiritual programmers like Sree Bhagavatha Sapthaham, Sreeman Narayaneeya Sapthaham, Nagarasankeerthanam, Bhajans, discourses and classes on various spiritual texts, Leksharchanas, Sree Vishnu and Lalitha Sahasranama Chanting etc, are being regularly conducted in the Ashram, “Sree Vishnu Sahasranama Kodiarchana” is conducted at Arayoor and Trivandrum Ashrams on alternate yrs. Kodiarchanas are being conducted directly by the ashram at various places in India. In many places were other organizations arrange similar kodi Archana, this Ashram extends all patronage and participation. A Part from Vishnu namam other holy manthras are also chanted for kodi archanan.

Great and renowned scholars of scriptures at national level visit these Ashrams and deliver very illumination speeches, So also great exponents of Bhajan keerthans often visit and bless with their Bhajans.

A Temple complex is also established at Trivandrum Ashrama, Sri. Balakrishna Swamy is the main Deity. Facing Sri. Balakrishna Swamy Sree Radha Devi’s Vigraha is set, which is a unique experience for the devotees visiting the Ashramam, There are separate temples for Sree Maha Ganapathi Sree Anjaneyan, Sree Ayyappan Sree Murugan, Sree Chattampi Swamgal and for Sree Abhedananda Swamiji.

The main celebrations are the Temple Annual festival and Gurudev’s Jayanthi and Maha Samadhi. During the Temple Festival Coinciding with the gurudev Jayanthy. ‘’ Abhedananda Music Festival is also held where in very illustrious and well-known Musicians and budding Musicians participate. Other Kerala arts like kathakali, Dance etc are also often presented.

Swami Abhedanandaji has the distinction of taking Akhanda name Japam, kodiarchana and similar spiritual programmes to the reach of common man with the intention of warding off thoughts of caste, reed etc. Till the time of Swamy Abhedanandaji, most of the spiritual practices were confined to the inner apartments of temples. Where selected few persons belonging to the so called higher castes alone, were permitted to participate, Thus this spirituality reached the community life through the vision and hard work of Swami Abhedanandaji only, facing the protest of higher cast people and pandit class, Swamiji’s sincerity of purpose has gained ground of late. Swamiji is well known for his enchanting Bhajana singing. Swami Chinmayananda refers about Abhadanandaji’s “Meera throat” whenever He comments on Nama sangeerthana. Swami Abhedanandaji used to repeat that he beauty of man lay in the beauty of his mind and not of his body an appearance. Samiji was a real monument of the above saying. Swamiji practiced only what he has preached to others to practice. It is such outstanding rare Virtues and qualities that attracted the love and devotion of persons towards Swamiji.

Swamiji never entertained any sort of publicity. Swamiji always saw and experienced his dear Sree Ksrihsna Sawami in all loving beings and continued his mission in that light throughout his life, without any fanfare and thus blessed the people to experience God Consciousness and purify their lives to be real and meaningful followers of Sanadana Dharma. Swami Abhedanandaji has thus pulled up many people who were immersed deep in the filth of so called modern material life through His loving soft words, loving touch and through simple interpretation of very deep and apparently tough spiritual; thoughts and principles and salvaged themselves through ‘Nama japam

Swamiji took Jalasamadhi in the Holy Ganges at Kankal (Haridwar )’ on 29th October 1983.

The administration of the Trivandrum and Arayoor Asgrans are vested in “Abhedasram and Sree Balakrishnana Swamy Devaswom Trust” Swamy Abhedanandaji Maharaj was the Founder president of the Ashramam. Swamy prabodhanandaji followed the founder president and now Sway Bhjananandaji is the president. Swamy Sugunananandaji I the Vice –President and Dr. N, Mahalingam (Poillachi, Tamilnadu) is the working p[resident. There are twenty- five members in the trust, The Trust has also elected an Executive Working Committee from among the Trust members to look after the regular ,matters of the Ashramam. The chief Executive is the General Secretary, who is also a Trust member; Sri. N. SK. Nair is the present General secretary.